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What We Can Do for You


The API translator with machine learning algorithms provides accurate and reliable translations in real time. It also offers automated transcription and speech recognition services.

Video Stream

Multilingual intelligent video conferencing system for automatic scheduling of meetings in any educational center. Building a learning environment across borders to connect people and organizations with a common goal.

Multilingual Chatbot

AI Chatbots are virtual teaching assistants that reduce the cycle of tasks aligned for the teacher on a day-to-day base. These chatbots are designed to answer queries students generally ask like lesson plans, course modules, assignments, and their deadlines

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is an interface design that is easy and intuitive to use, allowing users to interact with a product or service without confusion or frustration. It is designed with the user's needs and expectations in mind, making it simple and straightforward to navigate.

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Vdeep's mission is to break down language barriers by providing advanced language translation in real-time video streams. With user-friendly interfaces and automated transcription and speech recognition, we make communication effortless and accessible for people from all over the world.

Vdeep Team

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